Truly Magnificent Granola

I tend to prefer savory breakfast over sweet but, this is my to go recipe when I am in the mood for the latter.  Pair it with your favorite yogurt — I am in love with skyr a thick, creamy yogurt from Iceland.  A bit on the pricey side so I purchase it when on sale.

I found this recipe at a blog called pioneer woman (link towards the bottom).  I have tried different versions but decided this is my favorite one.  It is really a simple recipe that calls for mixing your dried ingredients, then the wet ones, mixing them together, bake and voila!  It doesn’t get any easier plus your home will smell wonderful.  This batch was made using the ingredients suggested in the recipe but please feel free to use your favorite dried fruit (mango, apricot, figs, apple).

I store mine in mason jars but you can also put in a ziploc bag.  You could take to work as a pick me up late afternoon snack 🙂