Farmer’s markets

Whether traveling overseas or at our home city, visiting farmer’s market is a favorite past time.  I love the colors, the people, the fresh produce.  Of course our markets pale in comparison to the ones in France for example, but it is still lovely to visit them.

Secret — I fallen “in love” with our local fromager.  He has a limited but yummy selection of cheese.

Otherwise, I like to buy produce I am not too familiar with and experiment.  This is part of the beauty of farmer’s market — locally produced and seasonal items.

And the colors are absolutely beautiful.  I love beets and try to eat them as often as possible.  It is a problem though when I am the only one at home in love with them 🙁

And flowers?  I love them at home!  No special occasion is needed to bring beauty into our homes, n’est-ce pas?