Hi!  I am Julia and this is my blog.  I will be sharing my favorite recipes with you as well as other random information about food and travel.   Thank you for visiting.

I am a Guatemalan foodie who forgot about her traditions after being caught up with a fast paced living in the U.S.  It took a trip to Spain to recover from my food amnesia.  There I rediscovered traditions I grew up with, an emphasis on healthy, local and fresh foods.

Guatemalan recipes are influenced by the diet of Mayan Indians. Although it is a fusion of Spanish and Mayan influences.  Many of the recipes I will be sharing come from my mom’s own home cooking.

My cooking skills have evolved.  Not only do I enjoy eating good food but firmly believe in the Zen benefits of cooking, of being in the moment.

I live in Chicago but grew up in Guatemala until I came to the U.S. to study English.  I was 19 when I arrived and didn’t know the first thing about cooking.  I majored in Sociology which I still teach part-time at a nearby community college.  I am a Sociologist by trade but a foodie at heart.

Besides good food I am passionate about photography.  I love social documentary photography.  My Sociological background has aided me in documenting human emotions and candor.